The Voice of Burmese Poetry: ko ko thett

Monday, October 17, 2016 – 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Postle Hall 1184 (305 W 12th Ave)

The Department of East Languages and Literatures and EASC will host a public talk and performance by ko ko thett, an internationally known poet from Myanmar (Burma) and author of the poetry collection The Burden of Being Burmese and co-editor of Bones Will Crow, the first English anthology of contemporary Burmese poetry.  The poetry reading, which will include an overview of poetry in Myanmar today

ko ko thett
A cutting edge figure in defining contemporary Burmese poetry in Myanmar.  Co-editor of Bones Will Crow, the first international anthology of contemporary Burmese poetry in English translation and author of his poetry collection The Burden of Being Burmese. ko ko thett will introduce currents in Burmese poetry and perform poetry in Burmese and English.  A rare chance to encounter a vibrant, edgy, and earth-shattering poetry scene.

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