Music’s Cymbals and Symbols 

Panel at the Burma Studies Conference 2016 in DeKalb, Illinois. Friday 7th of October | 12:45 – 02:40 p.m | NIU DeKalb, Holmes Student Centre, Room: Capital North, more information here. Find the abstracts in the conference’s book of abstracts.

Gavin Douglas

Buddhist Soundscapes: Dhamma Instruments and Divine States of Consciousness

Naomi Gingold

What is ‘Politics’ in Contemporary Burma? A Journey through the Academy, Burmese Hip Hop, and Burmese Society

Tobiasz Targosz

Never mind the Generals. Burmese Punk rock scene as a vehicle for manifesting changing notions of Burmese identity

Heather MacLachlan

Burmese Youth Musics as (Mis)represented in English-language Global Media

Oradi Inkhong

Composing Sound Identity in Shan Long Drum

Judith Becker

Nat gadaw as Ari priest?